Here we go, my first entry in the world of blogging. I need to thank my good friend Raj, who set me up as I am a bit of techno neophyte who thinks buying concert tickets on line means I am Internet savvy. There is a link to his blog on my site. If you are interested in the world of marketing and business, check his blog out.

I decided to start this blog as I speak constantly about the good and the bad of the wine industry and what I like to drink and not to drink. While I will let you know what I am drinking right now and what my favorites are. This blog is also going to delve into wine tourism, food, the BC government monopoly, bringing wine into Canada, the BC wine industry and lots more….. I do not profess to know everything, so I want to hear from you. Let me hear what your opinions, thoughts, likes and dislikes are. If you agree with me, I want to hear about it. If you disagree, I want to hear about it even more!

So to gets things going here are some comments to think about…

  • For you Vancouver locals… I think Burrowing Owl Wines are over rated and will tell you why in a future blog
  • My favourite grape is Zinfandel, followed closely by Pinot Noir
  • I hate the BC Liquor Store and how they control what wines I can purchase
  • I belong to 3 wine clubs in California and pay obscene amounts of duty to bring in wine to BC that I can’t buy here
  • My favourite wineries in no particular order are Ridge, Blue Mountain, Meeker, Gary Farrell, Hartford, Argyle, Provenance & Henschke. Other than Henschke in Australia, I have been fortunate to visit all of these wineries and will write about them in future blogs.
  • My favorite restaurant in Vancouver for fine dining is the Rain City Grill. My favorite hang out place is Stella’s on the Drive.
  • My favorite place to go for a wine trip is to Healdsburg, Sonoma Valley. My favorite west coast city, other than Van City is Portland.

So, you have something to chew on. I am off on vacation for 2 weeks in Hawaii (my 1st time since I was a kid) and will tell you about my wine experiences when I am back. If I have time before I leave, you may see a blog, you may not.

The goal is write something at least once a week.

Thanks for checking me out…

Chris aka the wine snob